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Taiwanese YC Inox's shipments may hit record high in 2013
KWK Steel Co.,Ltd.  Time:2013-10-28
YC Inox, one of the major stainless steel welding pipe makers and the major stainless steel flat products service centers in Taiwan said the company's orders until the end of 2013 have already been full booked, and their total shipping quantity in whole 2013 might be able to reach to 300,000 tons, which is 10% higher than the figures in 2012. 

YC Inox said about 80% of its products are mainly supplied for oversea market; thus, the company has to secure its sales profit rate to stay at certain level by share its market operation risk. 

Also, YC Inox has currently planned to set up a new plant in Yunlin Technology-based Industrial Park next year.
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