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Qatar Expert warns of construction material import risks
KWK Steel Co.,Ltd.  Time:2013-10-10
With Qatar mainly depending on the neighbouring countries for its hugely projected volume of construction materials, the country needs to set up a coordination committee to regulate the market, a leading market player has said.

Talking to the media yesterday, Mohamad Charara, Managing Director, Atlantic Contracting, said: "The workload in the pipeline is really huge. An estimated 80 percent of primary construction materials to Qatar are coming from Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Qatar needs to make sure the right material is reaching its project sites at right time and right price".

Like Qatar, the constructions sector of Saudi Arabia and UAE are also booming, meaning the prices of the materials is also set to inflate in the coming months. Another risk is that the exporting countries are unlikely to sell their products outside before meeting the domestic demand. This will lead to huge supply chain problems, Charara said.

The prices of construction materials are already higher by 20 to 25 percent in Qatar compared to the neighbouring countries. Given the country's projected demand, the prices are all likely to go up by 40 to 45 percent when the project works really pick up in Qatar.

"I am foreseeing a scenario when the local companies will be competing between themselves for buying the materials from Saudi Arabia and UAE, which will further drive the prices up. Only a strong intervention by the government will help regulate the market."

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