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PTC Seamless will create 283 manufacturing jobs in Hopkinsville
KWK Steel Co.,Ltd.  Time:2013-10-11

A leading manufacturer and marketer of steel tubing is investing USD 102 million to build a new plant in Hopkinsville that will create 283 new jobs.

Seamless Tube Corp’s Hopkinsville project represents a shift in the company’s operations from producing more traditional mechanical tubular products toward producing seamless steel tubes for the energy industry, such as high-strength tube products used in oil and gas wells and certain other industrial applications.

Another subsidiary of PTC Seamless?parent company, PTC Group Holdings Corp., previously operated a manufacturing facility in Hopkinsville that primarily produced tubular goods for the automotive industry. However, PTC Group Holdings was forced to shift its manufacturing closer to its customer base and consequently decided to close the Hopkinsville facility.

PTC will retrofit and expand its former Hopkinsville facility, which will ultimately include approximately 256,000 s.f. of building area. The project will involve the acquisition of property adjacent to the existing site, re-working the layout of the facility and the installation of manufacturing equipment.

Source - www.lanereport.com

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