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Brazil’s pig iron exports fall by 16.7% month on month in May
台州市开维贸易有限公司   发表时间:2012-7-13 19:50:51
According to statistics, Brazil exported 227,000 tons of pig iron in May, reducing by 16.7% year on year and falling by 32% from a month ago.

Among them, 116,000 tons were exported to the US, falling by 49.2%; 66,000 tons were to China, surging by 1,619.8%; 22,000 tons were to Taiwan, rising by 54.9%, all compared to that in the same period of a year earlier.

In the first five months of this year, Brazil exported 1.366 million tons of pig iron, decreasing by 16.8% year on year.

Accordingly, it’s estimated that the country’ pig iron exports would reach 3.28 million tons in the full 2012.
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