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Baosteel 18 meter long HFW tube exported to Canada
台州市开维贸易有限公司   发表时间:2010-10-19 2:53:43
Baosteel 18 meter long HFW tube exported to Canada
HFW welding tube plant of steel tube department of Baosteel has finished the production of HFW CSA 359 long tube ordered by Pan-Canada Company. The products all met the performance requirements and will be sent to the customer successively.

Pan-Canada Company is the largest oil gas conveyor in North American area. Canadian CSA standard is normally adopted to guarantee a good low-temperature-resisting punching property of line pipe under low temperature circumstances in North America area. This kind of product was mainly supplied by worldwide famous tube plant in the past.

Last year Baosteel America Inc contacted sales division of steel tube department immediately and the clients actively after being aware of the information that the customer will order ultra long welding tube globally. After broad technical discussion, the customer felt very satisfied with the equipments, production and management of Baosteel and believed that products of Baosteel could fully meet the requirements.

Transportation and handling of this kind of tube is a big challenge. Sales division of steel tube department actively communicated with transportation department of Baosteel, sales managing department, freight forwarder and shipping agent of Baosteel actively and drafted transportation plan to guarantee a successful delivery of the products to Canadian ports. The customer was very pleased with the quality of the 1st trial order of such kind of tube.

July of this year considering the excellent product and service of Baosteel and Pan-Canada company order 700 tonnes products of the same variety again. After one month hard working by now the production of this product has been finished successfully.
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